Keep Your Cat Comfortable With These Boarding Kennel Tips

Planning for a trip can be an exciting and busy time, but if you have a cat, you have additional things to think about. Instead of leaving your cat home alone for an extended period of time, you might opt to put them in a boarding kennel. However, before you make a final decision about which facility to put them in, use these tips to choose wisely so that your cat is comfortable. 

Inspect the Kennel First

It is vital that you don't skip the step of physically investigating the place where you'll be leaving your cat, even if your trip has come up quickly and you don't have much time to find a facility. Choosing the right facility will set your mind at ease about your cat's safety, and your cat will appreciate that you are taking the time to find a place where they'll be comfortable.

Use your senses to get some idea of what a stay for your cat would be like in any kennel. Do you smell urine or other unpleasant smells? It is vital that any kennel be as sanitary as possible so that your cat doesn't pick up any germs or viruses while they are there.Can you hear dogs from the cat boarding area? Hearing dogs barking may be something that upsets your cat, particularly if that's not something they are familiar with. The cat areas of any kennel should be removed from dogs and they should not be able to hear any disturbances from their area of the facility.

Ask About Personal Items

It may make your cat feel better to have some favorite items from home when they are in the kennel, so it is vital to ask about what kinds of things you can bring to put in the cat's individual condo. You are likely allowed to bring a toy or two, and you might even be able to bring their own bed from home if it isn't too large.

Find Out About Stress-Reduction Measures

It is vital to know what the kennel staff will do if they notice that your cat is experiencing stress. In fact, if there is no policy in place for dealing with stress, you might want to look elsewhere. It is not unusual for cats to be nervous and uncomfortable in new places, and a good boarding kennel will take steps to make things more comfortable if they notice that your cat doesn't seem to be adjusting well during their stay. For example, some kennels spray the cat's quarters with pheromone sprays or holistic formulas to encourage cats to relax.

Ensure that these tips remain present in your mind as you look for the right kennel for your cat. If you make the right choice, your cat should be able to enjoy their stay just as much as you enjoy your trip. 

Contact local professionals, such as those from Academy Of Canine Behavior, for further assistance.

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