Modifications To Make To Your Home If You Have A Cat

Preparing for a new cat can be a little extra work, but the rewards will be worth the time spent. Many hours of affection and fun begin with you having the cat's space ready and your home cat-proofed. The adjustment time is normal, but if the new fur ball is comfortable, the process will move along at a fast pace.

Picking The Right Room For The Cat

Choose a quiet room away from the main rooms for your cat's belongings. The first few days the cat will probably hide under a bed or similar object. It is best to confine your pet in a closed area until it has made the transition to its new surroundings. Go to the room so your new friend can become acquainted, but don't force your attention. Let the cat come to you on its own time. Offer treats and some kind conversation until it is used to your company.

Filling The Room With Cat Essentials

Provide a litter box for your pet and fill it with plenty of litter. Most cats enjoy digging. Choosing a littler box with a top will probably be a good idea and will help keep the litter from escaping the box during the digging process.

Get a scratching post, because cats love to scratch. Be sure you purchase or make one that is tall enough for the cat to get a full stretch. It is one way to show it is marking its territory. It also has scent glands in the pads of the paw. It is all natural behavior, especially for outside cats. It is also a great exercise to stretch the cat's shoulder and back muscles.

Cat-Proofing Your Home

You will need to cat-proof your home from all cleaning products and human medications. Remove breakable items from areas where the cat may roam, especially near the floor areas. If glass breaks at playtime, your cat's paws could get cut.

Cats love to sit in the window sill to watch all of the outside activity, including squirrels and birds. You can purchase or make a shelf that will fit over your sill for that activity.

Cats can be a lot of fun after they are accustomed to the new surroundings. If you have properly prepared your home, it should not take long for your new furry pet to cozy up and cuddle. It will be worth every minute you spend cleaning for the devotion shown by a cat.

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