3 Key Features To Look For In A Kitty Daycare Facility

Even though cats can fend for themselves for a few days at home with a litter pan and someone to stop by and feed them, if you have to be gone for longer than a few days, it is always best if you seek out a good boarding facility. Even though cats may not be as finicky as dogs when it comes to staying in a strange place, it can still be overwhelming for your feline friend. To make sure that any time your kitty spends in daycare is no more stressful than it has to be, there are three key features you should be looking for in any facility you consider. 

1. Make sure the facility has separate housing for other animals. - If there is one thing that can get a cat irritated and disconcerted, it is the sound of barking and howling dogs or the general noises made by other animals. The cat daycare facility you choose should have completely separate housing for other animals so you can be sure your kitty does not spend her time upset due to a lot of noise and commotion. 

2. Look for a facility that has strict guidelines for your pet. - You may think it is a hassle if you find a facility that has a full list of guidelines to be followed before they will accept your cat, but this is a good thing. Some of the best boarding facilities will always require that your cat

  • have a recent, documented vet checkup
  • be up to date on immunizations
  • be in obvious good health

Think of it this way: If a boarding facility is strict about letting your cat in, this means that every other feline will be in just as good of health. So you can rest assured with knowing your cat will not be housed with other unhealthy animals who may be contagious. 

3. Tour the facility and check for spacious kennels. - Cats don't really have to have a whole lot of room to be happy, but they can get pretty antsy if they are contained in a tiny space for long hours. Before you choose to leave your cat at a daycare or boarding facility, take a tour of the place and get a good look at the holding areas. They should be big enough to house a litter pan, a sleeping spot, and some room to move around. 

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