Want To Buy Bulldog Puppies? What To Know About Price

If you have been looking for American Bulldog puppies for sale but you only want a dog that is pure bred, and you want to make sure that you are getting a good dog before you pay any money, there are a few things to consider. Many breeders will have you put down a deposit when you pick out your puppy, then you'll pay the full amount before you pick the puppy up to take home. Here are some questions you want to ask before you give the breeder any money, and these questions will help you understand what's included in the cost.


The puppy should have its first round of puppy shots by the time you pick it up from the breeder. Ask for verification of the shots that they have had, what is still needed, and if they were given at home or in a veterinarians office. This is important to make sure that your puppy is healthy and so you know what you have to pay for when the puppy is in your care.


Has the puppy been microchipped? If the puppy has been chipped by a professional, the owner should have all of the chipping information and documents to give you at the sale, as well as verification from the veterinarian that did it. This will be vital if the puppy gets lost and someone finds it, so make sure you register your information with the microchipping registry.

ACK Verification

Are the bulldog puppies ACK verified? This means that both the parents were ACK registered dogs and the puppies have a verified bloodline. The breeder should have all the papers for the parents if you want to look at the parent's bloodlines and also the papers for your puppy when you make the purchase.

If you are worried about any health issues with the puppy, you can take it to a veterinarian and have it assessed on your own. If you are worried that the puppy isn't as big as its siblings, that it has a deformity, or that is has hip problems, the veterinarian can look over these things. Visit the breeder a few different times so you can see the puppy play and interact with its siblings and so it can get to know you before you take it home. Choosing a great puppy is easy when you ask about these things. 

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