Embracing the High Energy of Your Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles are active, and if you have one, then you must be prepared to keep him or her busy. If you are someone who considers playtime with your dog to be the highlight of your day, then this is the dog for you. Chances are that your Goldendoodle will have more energy than you realize, and you need to find ways to keep your dog healthy without wearing yourself out. Here are some ways you can keep your Goldendoodle puppy engaged without tiring yourself out.

Exercise Tips

Goldendoodles tend to require more exercise than other breeds. Many owners report that their dog needs at least two long walks a day plus activity in between. If you don't have the energy to match, then you might want to try activities that are high energy for the puppy but require little effort for you. Examples of such activities include throwing a flying disk or using a flirt pole (a feathery toy on a large stick that is similar to a cat toy but larger).

Easy Games

If your puppy is stuck inside the house, there are still things you can do to keep him or her entertained. Play hide and seek with treats around the home, for example. Many dogs enjoy chasing bubbles, and this is an easy activity you can do while seated. Swimming with your puppy wearing a swim vest can be very entertaining for both of you. Training activities that are masked as a game can keep your puppy engaged and teach manners while satisfying his or her need for attention.

Brain Teasers and Active Toys

If you can't always engage your puppy personally, then make sure you have a supply of interactive toys to keep him or her busy. You can buy specially made treat balls and puzzle toys, or you can improvise and make your own with common household items. Non-food related toys that encourage chasing or pulling are also helpful in keeping your puppy active. There are toys on the market that make strange sounds or even move on their own that will definitely get a young dog's attention.

Goldendoodles are great if you have a multi-member household where everyone has a part in playing with your dog. Goldendoodles are great with children, and your children will be able to have hours of fun playing with and training your puppy. With proper care and training, as well as an established routine, your Goldendoodle should grow up to be a well-adjusted dog. For more information about Goldendoodle puppies, contact a breeder.

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