Pros And Cons Of Bringing Home A Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

Bernese mountain dog puppies are fuzzy and adorable. This is a very loving and unique breed, and many people find that they make wonderful family pets. But like all dog breeds, they are not perfect for every situation. Here are some pros and cons to consider to ensure you're making the right choice in buying a Bernese mountain dog pup.

Pro: They become part of your family. 

These dogs get to know and love their owners very quickly. They are not one-person dogs. On the contrary, they will bond with all of your family members, including the kids. When they do bond with family, their bond is a close one. They want to be near you, snuggle with you, and enjoy your affection all of the time.

Con: You really have to set your home up for their size.

These dogs are huge. They are one of the largest breeds around. As such, you really need to make sure your home is equipped for them. You'll need to keep food off the counters so they don't grab it, remove breakable items from end tables so they don't knock them with their tails, and so forth. You'll have time to make these changes as the puppy grows, but they do need to be made.

Pro: They are easy to train.

Bernese mountain dogs are very easy to train. Take yours to a few puppy classes when they're young, and they'll have the basics down before you know it. Many owners find that their Bernese mountain dogs want to learn. They are always trying to figure out what you want, respond to cues, and satisfy their owners. If you want to get involved in any sort of dog obedience sports, you can do it with your Bernese mountain dog. Or, just enjoy having a well-trained pup at home.

Con: They're prone to a number of health issues.

Make sure that you purchase your Bernese mountain dogs from a reputable breeder who health-tests their pups. Bernese mountain dogs can be prone to hip dysplasia, retinal degeneration, and various blood clotting disorders, all of which are hard to manage. There are healthy pups, but you need to pay close attention.

With these pros and cons in mind, you should have a better idea of whether a Bernese mountain dog is the right breed for you. If you decide it is, then visit a breeder and start looking at pups.

Contact a local breeder to learn more about Bernese mountain dog puppies.

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